To Support or not to support?

Now I know there has been a long debate about black business, "to support or not to support"? I know some people will treat businesses accordingly but on a general level, black businesses are not viewed in a positive light. Well here is a way to put it more into perspective:

Society has viewed black women as bitter, unsupportive, attitude having, welfare ghetto queens for a very long time. Society has viewed black men as nothing but a statistic waiting for jail, death, or to be a deadbeat in some form. Yet, we have repeatedly told society that the majority does not fit this description. We have repeatedly told our kings and queens who decide to date outside of our race that their own choices led them to individuals that are toxic who made them feel like they could not date within. We told society that if you are logical about a black person's environment and upbringing, then you can assume which of us are within range of the negative expectations.

With that being said, apply that same logic and thinking to black businesses. Use your sense and look at if services are presented in a professional manner, are their reviews overall good, is there good communication and patience to answer questions, etc. See when it comes to smaller businesses, you should do your research to see where your money is going, not invest JUST because that's a mutual friend. Then, if it is a family/friend, you know if their personality is built to accept and apply constructive criticism; if it is not, don't waste your time.

All I'm saying is, the view of us as a people has been in the same predicament that black businesses now have. So we know what that feels on a personal level. We need our dollars to build our communities back up, so please support accordingly (not blindly). That way, we won't all continue to be grouped in a negative general light.


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