About Us

What made us create A.D. Vibez?

We come from a social work background and wanted to create uplifting content for those who feel alone, who are not ready to take that step for therapy, and who would like to make a positive statement through one of the first things we notice on everyone-our clothes. We would like to build a community both through fashion AND through our social media page (@advibezfl). Although our creator began this journey from the perspective of a black woman in America, this brand is for everyone needing a voice, listening ear, and advocate. We also want to highlight different cultures as our brand grows.

What is our end goal?

To use popular items as a means to create a safe space for our community, invest in our community, and reinvent what therapy means. Healing comes in all forms, but most of all, we know the importance of support in any situation. Fashion is a booming industry, so we hope to reach a larger audience to promote positive images of black, brown, immigrant, disabled, and other silenced communities. Not only are we committed to communities in need, but we would love to use our clothing as a way to teach the community about different cultures via popular clothing with cultural content.